Door access system

Door access System in Malaysia

Media Xch does plans , propose a security door access system solution, install and maintain your access control system. Our system consist of Biometrics and Card access that either works as standalone or a PC base.

MediaXch5 is an advanced Computer based access control solution. MediaXch5 offers centralized operating system and number of entryways and with up to 60,000 users. Tailor made solution get to benefits to gatherings or people rapidly and effectively utilizing our instinctive, easy to use programming. Event reports can be produced in a couple clicks and the single-entry door system makes the framework simple to install & maintain. Propelled elements, for example, site design, IP camera combination and ‘Triggers and Actions’ further develop the abilities of this forefront framework

Key features

PC based system
Main control benefits
Oversee 1000s of entryways, 60,000 users
Event reporting

Scale-able; add to the system easily
Able to Sync to other building System
Proximity cards, mag-stripe or keypads
Common applications

SME premises
Huge corporate premises
Numerous site premises
Government structures
Sports clubs
Parking area, entry and exit

door access malaysia
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