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CCTV Installer in Malaysia

Customers are looking at cutting cost by installing sub-standard cameras and recorder, getting unqualified installer, wrong solutions and Etc. We have good customer base from Manufacturer, commercial building, security guard company, property management and Etc. Media Xch is a qualified solution provider cum CCTV installer Malaysia. Our forte in CCTV makes us the preferred Security Solution provider in Malaysia.

Steps to take, from meeting our customers, installing further to providing maintenance services are as follows

  1. understand our customers needs
  2. propose value for money solutions.
  3. getting approval from the customer based on the proposed solution and quotation.
  4. measurement and work order
  5. installation in progress  & Handover
  6. maintenance services

CCTV installer Malaysia


Our Projects 

  1. CCTV for Warehouse in Port Klang Free trade Zone (PKFZ), Malaysia

Customer required CCTV system and cameras at 18 locations that fits for their warehouse needs. They know its not enough but would consider to increase the cameras numbers later. Warehouse is 75000 square feet Value for money system.

Our Solutions

  • Fixing IP based industrial CCTV system with 4MP IP cameras
  • recording at 4 megapixel
  • connecting the camera motion sensor to their alarm system(also installed by us)
  • email alert to the authorized personnel

We hand it over to the customer with layout plan and system manual and trained our customer to used them. We managed to get 17 warehouses around PKFZ, West Port and North Port repeatedly with the same 4 clients.











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