Alarm installers

Alarm installers

Media Xch Solutions provides security independence for residential and commercial customers. Our system can be tailor made for your requirements. We plan, install, commission and maintain your alarm system. We carry all brands of alarm and we also have our own alarm system that has competitive advantages. Being a successful alarm installer’s we are called repeatedly by our customers for various type of their premises. Our commitment is to deliver a value for money system, engaging professional wiring, deliver the best solution and Maintenance.

There are huge different in the commercial and residential alarm system. Residential alarm are relatively simple and straight forward. Most of the residential customers are requesting the following features which we are already providing:-

  1. More keypads for living hall and master bedrooms
  2. Different sensors such as gas detector, smoke detector and etc.
  3. alarm to call the owners when there is a security breach via Landline or GSM Call, SMS or email.
  4. remote monitoring and access.

For commercial there are significant difference in the alarm system such as

  1. More different sensors
  2. customize system
  3. CMS features
  4. scale-able system

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