How to Know what type of CCTV camera to fix at your place

How to identify the right type of camera to fix at your place

Identify the camera type before you install them. Many people are not able to choose the right surveillance  cameras that fulfill their needs. Following are some of the basic Types & Features of CCTV cameras

  1. Bullet cameras  – look long mostly for a long distance focal
  2. dome cameras  – looks like a dome that has wider range with short distance of focal
  3. wide angle – this features available in either bullet or dome camera. normally expensive
  4. night vision – able to see in the dark place with a minimal light or no light at all
  5. narrow angle – able to focus is a narrow are without showing unnecessary angle
  6. motion sensors – Able to see if there is movement
  7. luminance  –  the intensity of light emitted
  8. Lens size – determines the wide angle with short distance or long distance with narrow angle
  9. motion sensors – detect movement
  10. white balance – able to adjust the colour setting in the cameras
  11. vandal proof – vandalism proof
  12. IP66 or IP67 – device able to withstand dust, water and etc the higher the number the better it is
  13. IP cameras – camera runs on IP
  14. analog cameras – camera runs on analog system

Manufactures are introducing CCTV cameras with a variety of features to help the user maximize their needs. Although there are many features we often see a wrong CCTV cameras are used in a wrong places such as a narrow corridor is installed with a wide angle cameras that is not necessary and it waste of money.

A simple fact finding before you install CCTV cameras.  Are you planning to install many cameras in like more than 20 cameras? if you are then you may consider an IP cameras because they are expendable and cheaper as the network grows. If it is a small amount of cameras then you might want to just consider a HD Analog cameras which is cheaper than IP cameras.

Look out for the lens size, a 3.6mm lens is wider than 6.0mm lenses. So if you to look at a corridor then a 6mm cameras will be more suitable as it view narrow coverage and a longer distance. Motion sensors are a sensor that is available in most cameras, you can use this features to record only when there is movement detected so you can save storage space and store a longer days of recorded video.

Bullet cameras are mostly used outdoors and dome are mostly indoors where there are ceilings.



Is you coverage area small? then you may consider dome cameras because the angle are wider than bullet cameras.

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