Lightning arrestor
This is commonly asked question by everyone whether surge protector or lightning device protects your CCTV system. In Malaysia lightning in one of the biggest threat to Extra Low Voltage system (ELV) such as CCTV System, Access Control System, Alarm system, Intercom System and Etc. Do you even have to install it? How long it last? If not helping then why bother buying a device that doesn’t really protect your system. Surge & Lightning device are fixed for the 3 main reason 1. This devices does protect your system, although it protect to a certain level but it cant fight the mother natures power so if there is a heavy lightning then the device will give away thus safe your system but later you might need to replace another surge device. 2. It indicates where in your network is vulnerable or prone to lightning. This indication will help the maintenance team to add more protection from lightning. 3. Save money This is a device will certainly save a lot of money by protecting your CCTV system from Thunder, lightning and surge from other source. It is always good to invest in the protecting devices to safe guard your investment in CCTV Surveillance System.

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